About Aorangi Restoration Trust


The vision of the Trust is of a healthy and vital Aorangi Forest and surrounds restored to their former glory.


By 2045, the Trust aims to have restored the Aorangi Forest and its surrounds to the state where the indigenous forest, coastal, and marine ecosystems are healthy, and its streams, rivers, and wetlands are clean and abundantly inhabited, and provide ecosystem services that benefit the rural and urban economies of South Wairarapa and offer places for recreation for the wider Wellington region.

View the Trust’s Ecological Restoration Strategy 2017-25 here.

Who we are

We are advocates for the restoration of the area's native ecosystems. 


We want to:

  • encourage public support and involvement in the project

  • make people aware of the historic, recreational, archaeological, and cultural features and other qualities of the area

Established in 2011, the Trust represents the interests of local landowners, iwi, recreational hunters, and community organisations and works with partners who believe that the values of the Aorangi are worth protecting. 

Trustees: Clive Paton (chair), Anne Firmin, Chris Lester, Geoff Doring, Jim Law, John Bissell, Kaye McAulay, Mark St Clair, Tony Didsbury, and Joe Hansen.


It is very much a collaborative effort with our partners, volunteers, and visitors who are offered the opportunity to experience and contribute to conservation work.


 Currently, we have established projects:

If you would like to get involved or contribute in some way, we would love to hear from you!