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Project Educate

Our goal is to continue to support and encourage the upcoming generations through education and hands on projects. 

Project Educate is seen as essential to securing the long-term future of Aorangi Forest. Two local primary schools helped in 2012 in setting up the Little Blue Penguin Project and in 2016 were also involved in predator trapping using self-resetting traps, while also learning about biodiversity and conservation.

We want to continue to encourage and support education programmes and fieldtrips to grow understanding among school and university students so that the restoration projects can continue into the future.


If you or your school would like to get involved please contact us.

Pirinoa School Involvement

​​In May 2013, the kids of Pirinoa School had the awesome opportunity on a great Wairarapa day to install penguin nesting boxes at the coast of the Aorangi Forest Park.

Part of the engagement of these kids in the project is that they take ownership of the boxes - even painting them up in with the own individual expression of colour and shape. 

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