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Project Penguin

We aim to encourage Little Blue Penguins back along the coast through providing safe and secure nesting boxes and targeting predators.

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Little Blue Penguins have been distinctive locals along South Wairarapa beaches, nesting and roosting under baches on the shore. While local fishermen see them at sea, they haven't been seen in abundance on the coast for a long time. 


We want to encourage them back along the coast.

To do this, we need your help!

Project Penguin
What we are doing
  • Setting traps along the coast and up the rivers to target penguins’ main predators - ferrets, stoats, feral cats and hedgehogs.


  • Putting out penguin nesting boxes to help provide the penguins safe, secure accommodation.


  • Establishing native plants such as ngaio and taupata to increase the natural cover.

What you can do
  • Report sightings of penguins or their predators to us 

  • Help servicing of trap lines

  • Make and help put out nesting boxes

Lions & Kahutara School Involvement

​​In mid 2012, a group of Lions Club members worked on pre-cutting timber, ready for assembly on a number of Little Blue Penguin nesting boxes. Students from Kahutara School then got stuck in and put together a batch of the nest boxes. The students were helped by Warren Field from Greater Wellington Regional Council. These boxes have contributed to the pool of nest boxes currently placed along the coastline in the Palliser Bay area.

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