The Trust

Predator Control

At the centre of this project is a cycle of three aerial applications of 1080 poison across an area of 33,000 ha aimed at controlling possums, carriers of bovine tuberculosis, and rats. Our partner, TBfree NZ, undertook the first application of 1080 in August 2014 and committed to a further two aerial drops occuring in winter 2017 and 2020.

The Trust is encircling 1080 drop zones with predator control measures with the goal of reducing re-infestation of the 1080 area and flow of predators from the forest into surrounding land, including the coastal 'penguin zone'. 


Much of the land is in private ownership and we are very fortunate to have the support of local landowners. They and many other volunteers, both local and regional, help check and service the traps. 

What we are doing

  • Partnering with TBfree NZ and Greater Wellington Regional Council in their predator control work in and around the park.

  • Encircling the 1080 zones with over 140km of predator traplines, with traps up all the major streams travelling out of the park, and traps every

  • Forming groups to manage, service, these traplines and service and report on them every month. 

What you can do

  • Visit the project area south of Martinborough; visit Ngawi and Cape Palliser; walk to the Pinnacles; stay overnight.

  • Help service the trap lines, on routes that are easy walking to those that are rugged. Or take a quad-bike.

  • Make traps

  • Become a sponsor