PowerCo &  Aorangi Undulators

Powerco gives financial support to the Aorangi Undulators for its annual races through the Aorangi mountains. The Undulators in turn support the Aorangi Restoration Trust through donations of cash and time in ecological restoration work.


The races through the Aorangi are held in November.  The shorter 33km race of about 7 hours takes competitors through five valleys and four undulations of the Aorangi mountains.  

Day 3 of the 100km race starts near the Putangirua Pinnacles on the west side of the Aorangi and ends in the east at Waikuku Lodge – where Powerco has installed a Base Power unit.


Powerco’s all-in-one energy system uses the sun to generate electricity, store excess energy in batteries, with a generator as back-up – a secure electricity supply system that suits rural customers in remote locations.

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