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Seeking sites for planting native forest trees

The Tonganui Corridors project, which started in winter 2020, is seeking landowners with sites for planting of native trees, in winter 2023.

Funding is available from the Aorangi Restoration Trust to support landowners in further major plantings.

The project sets out to plant native trees to create native forest corridors between the Aorangi and Remutaka ranges on what is largely privately-owned, low-lying farmland.

In the long term, we envisage the land contributed by landowners for planting being linked, forming native forest corridors for the passage of birds and seeds, reptiles and invertebrates across Tonganui, the big south valley.

Tree planting in 2020, 2021 and 2022 has achieved a 3-year total of 171,104 trees, on 34 sites (see map), covering 80.3 ha.

Map of Tonganui Corridors Project Planting sites
Tonganui Corridors Project Planting sites: Green 2020, Yellow 2021, Blue 2022

We are seeking further landowners with land to be fenced from stock, then planted in native trees.

If you’re interested, please contact Operations Manager, Aaron Donges, 020 4165 0199,

More about Tonganui Corridors

The Tonganui Corridors project was set up with 4 years of funding of almost $1m to the Aorangi Restoration Trust from Project Crimson, with OMV as the overriding funder. Project partners include local iwi, Kohunui Marae, GWRC, Pukaha to Kawakawa Alliance, QEII National Trust and local landowners.

Critical to the success of the project has been the financial and in-kind support of landowners, who provide land for planting, at no charge, plus a part share of the other costs. They may bring in other funders (such as GWRC and Ministry of Primary Industries).


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