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Washpool to Pararaki

A new coastal trapline - Washpool to Pararaki – was established on Thursday 3 December 2015, with 16 Doc250s and 8 Timms traps at 21 sites, over a distance of about 4.5 km.

Nine days later (Saturday 12 December) Richard, Valerie, David and Bob walked the line to replace the bait and reset any sprung traps.

Half of them were found with catches: 11 hedgehogs and a feral cat. A further 3 traps had been sprung.

On all traps the (rabbit meat) bait had dried (solid) over the 9 days. We left eggs in the Doc250s. None of the catches were fresh, suggesting they had been trapped within a few days of setting.

Richard Burgess and Valerie and David Townsend. Photo Bob Burgess


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